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News Article on 17th May 2021 Online Session about J-Bridge carbon neutral and offshore wind power generation was held, which was strongly promoted by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

This news article is an event report. Online session: “Carbon Neutral and Offshore Wind Power Generation Session (to commemorate the establishment of “J-Bridge” in Europe)” was held on 17th May, 2021. Although in Japan there are no companies which can fabricate large scale wind turbine by themselves at the point of early 2021, the Japanese…

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News Article on 28th Dec. 2020 The Japanese government set challenging target as “Green Growth Strategy” on 14 technical fields. Anticipate economic effect by 190 trillion effect by 2050.

This “Green Growth Strategy” is policy for industries to make good circulation between the economy and the environment in Japan while they tackle to achieve carbon neutral by 2050. In this strategy, 14 important fields have been selected (See the thumbnail) and for each filed, challenging target, the current difficulties and schedule in the future…

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News Article on 26th Oct. 2020 The Japanese new Prime Minister Suga declared that Japan would achieve carbon neutral by 2050

 Finally in Japan, one big target to solve the worldwide environmental problem has set. Regarding the energy strategy in Japan, before the earthquake disaster happened in March 2011 including Fukushima nuclear power plant problem, the government was going to increase nuclear power plants and decrease fossil power plant in Japan because at that time Japanese…