About This Website


This website has been established by the administrator
for the people because he would like them to know the trend of
worldwide energy problem and electricity

In this site the expression of the contents are eased as much as possible
to make the people easily understand.

In Japan, in the autumn in 2020, new Prime Minister Suga was inaugurated.
After that he made several influential policy statements
to prevenet global warming and environmental destruction.

This website follow the trend and introduce it in “News, and…”.
This website also help the people to understand the trend
by lecturing fundamental knowledge through each lecture topic.
(update regularly)

Profile of the Administrator

ぜっきー主任Chief Zekky

Graduated a master course in a high education level graduated school of engineering in Japan.

After the graduation, worked as a researcher.

The specialized field is nuclear fusion and superconductivity.

As main author, has contributed 9 international papers and 1 national paper.

In addition, won prizes twice in Japan, and once on an international conference for papers and researching activity.

However,due to the abnormal busyness,changed the job.

Now, dedicated to work related to
electric power system, electrical machinery and standardization.

Also has licence to handle high pressure gas.

Secretly dreamed in the future, after retired,
would like to do activity to tell how fun science is for kids.

Hope this website be useful to you when you’d like to learn
how the situation of energy problem, electricity price decision and policy changes!

ナゼるアシスタント : Assistant Nazelle

A character Zekky has created. The motif of it is a wind power generator.
As for the name “Nazelle”, 2 meanings are included.
One is “nacelle”, which is the part between the tower and rotor of a wind turbine.
The other is “Naze?” in Japanese, which means “Why?”

Although he has position as an assistant of Zekky
but maily his work(?) in this website is to throw questions.

ナゼる アシスタント
Hi, there! Maybe you think “What a oddly shaped character” to me
but you had better know that such deformed character is popular in Japan! 🙂

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・ The administrator of this website does not take any responsibilities
even if the information on this website caused the readers any disadvantages.